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As another school year comes to an end, the students and staff at Memorial School have been reflecting on how much the students have learned this year.  Unfortunately, many of students experience “the summer slide”, a loss of reading ability over the summer.  The best way to combat this loss is to continue to read regularly over the coming months.  To encourage your child to keep reading this summer, we have planned some fun activities—a Summer Book Exchange and a Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt. 

In order for all students to have something to read this summer, we have collected gently used books for our book exchange.  Many families have generously donated, and we have hundreds of books!

Each child has selected a book to take home to read. On July 15, we will host a book exchange at Memorial School.  Students will be able to meet with friends to discuss the books they’ve been reading, and they can return their books and choose others.  We hope that ALL students will attend, even if your child loses or forgets his/her book. 

 (If you are unable to bring your child on July 15, you can exchange books in the Main Office on any Wednesday this summer.)

As a fun incentive to keep your child reading, we have organized a Reading Scavenger Hunt!  The map includes 25 reading activities.  Your child can check off up to 2 flags each day.  For example, if your child reads a book “with a flashlight” and “that is about a real-life person” he or she can check off those two flags.  


Remember, we want to encourage your child to read a lot over the summer!  At the end of the summer, please complete the parent signature page.  Your child should bring the map and signature page to school on the first day.  We will hold a celebration and award prizes to recognize our readers! Students who have moved on to Middle School can stop by after school during the first week of school for their prizes. 

We are so excited about our summer reading activities.  We are thankful for all of the donations that allowed us to provide a book for every child in the school.  With your support, all of our students will continue to grow as readers this summer and will be ready to learn in September.  

Enjoy your summer!



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